Do you single out a feature of your body and then pass judgement on it?

Under Cover #1

I certainly do!

Everytime I look in the mirror, see a photograph of myself and even just think of myself,  I am fragmenting my image. I just think of a feature of mine as separate from myself and then I analyze and judge it. It’s such a habit that when I really think about myself, “I” looks like a misshapen costume of random objects sewn together.

Realizing how I break apart and then piece together my “self” to create an image, motivates me to photograph facial features in my project, called Under Cover.

Under Cover #5

I not only want to bring attention to how I think about myself, but I also want to ask you if you think this way too. And how does it make you feel?

When I separate and judge my features, I am objectifying myself. I am breaking apart instead of loving my wholeness. I’ll be honest here, I not only think this way about myself but also for everything else in my world. I separate and categorize the world, and then reassemble it based on my limited judgements of the pieces.

For me to understand how I fragment the world, Under Cover explores how I fragment and reorder the face. Using 35mm film, I photograph the model wearing various masks, which reveal different yet specific features, and reassemble the features using in-camera multiple exposure methods.

Our Lady

For the last 5 years, I have been photographing friends and family for this project and wish to invite you to model for this project. I would love to photograph you because I believe in sharing the opportunity to dig a little deeper into habitual thoughts.

It’s okay if you are shy and don’t like the camera. I totally understand! I’m shy too! The great thing about this project is that you get to wear masks and we explore together how we imagine ourselves. 

Want to lend me your nose for this project? contact me here.

Photograph by Tilman Vogler of Catherine Bruce Undercover Portrait Project
Awesome photograph of model posing for my project by Tilman Vogler. I'm the head in the foreground.
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