Three Cities

A visual exploration of photographic memory.

Three Cities is a series of photographs from my travels between Köln, Germany; Cork, Ireland; and Richmond, Virginia of the United States. It is the beginning of a collection called Beyond Cave Painting which is a visual exploration of what photographic memory means.

I experimented with shooting on the same roll of 35mm film in each city, so there are three layers of exposure. When I shot this roll, I wanted to explore a way of expressing this trip. I combined what I saw to create a composite of experience. Each city has its own unique features.

Köln has the Döm and open squares. People sit along the river and children play in the fountains.

Cork’s center is on an island and quite compact. It’s a bustling place. Musicians play on street corners.

Richmond has its alleyways with gardens and trash. In the summer, the city is a ghost town. People travel by car so sidewalks and alleyways don’t have much traffic.

These snapshots of my journey resemble how memory works. Instead of taking a single photo of each visual experience and having the images be separate, I chose to combine them to create a new memory, a composite memory.

I think that memories change based on new experiences. When we have a new experience, it relates to the older memories. This interaction gives us new perspectives, new ways of seeing the past. In some way the combination of new experiences creates its own new memory.

Three Cities is the beginning of my photographic exploration of my travels, my snapshot memories, and new perspectives. Each photograph: Shimmering Abstractions, Oasis of Understanding, Love Lockets, Figures as a Narrative, Crystallized Mind, Band Aids, and Europe is a sort of composite memory of my journey.