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Over this weekend, I participated in the first group photo show of the MacGuffin project in Berlin.

I am so happy to share how successful it was. We had an amazing turnout! I met many new people who were enthusiastic about our project. If you weren’t there, I’ll give you the scoop on who we are, what we plan to accomplish in the next twelve months, and the challenges we face.

MacGuffin First Show

As Macguffin, we are four photographers, Hide Ota, Gabor Halasz, Atsushi Kakefuda and myself.  We were printing in the darkroom together for over three years at the photography club, Stattlab e.V. in Wedding, Berlin before we decided to form MacGuffin. We recently formed the group MacGuffin because we wanted to challenge ourselves to produce and exhibit new work. Our goal is to show our photographs every two months in new spaces within and outside of Berlin.

Catherine at MacGuffin 1

For the event, I set up my camera and took photographs of visitors wearing masks for my Under Cover Project. I shot 18 models on 3 exposure layers of one roll of film. This is the first time I combined many different faces and features to one photograph. My idea is that one film frame will have three different facial features from three different people. Once I develop the film, I will share the results with you.

The Roll of Film

For me, the MacGuffin, is an opportunity to try new ways of presenting my photographs. Since we will exhibit our work in different spaces, with various kinds of walls and dimensions, we’ll have to work with the space so that our art fits it. It’s inspiring me to try new sorts of material to print and display my work.

Hide Ota curating his work
Atsushi Curating His Work

As four strong photographers, we face the hurdle to visually communicate with each other in the gallery setting. Since we will be showing together regularly over the next year, I believe, we will form a dialogue. For me, that is my MacGuffin, my motivation for participating in this group.

MacGuffin Show 1

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I hope to see you at our next show!

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