Soup of the Day | Fine Art Print


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Fine Art Inkjet Print | 0.40″ White Border | Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 100% Cotton Paper | 308 gsm |
Matte | Smooth Surface | Pigment Ink | Acid-and Lignen-Free |
Edition of 25 for each size | Unsigned | Unframed |

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Soup of the Day inkjet print reminds us to ‘just enjoy’.  I took Soup of the Day while traveling through Ireland with my parent’s and niece. For lunch, we always ate “soup of the day’. The soup was suppose to be vegetable but that meant potato soup. It became a joke to us. We’d ask:

”What’s the soup of the day?”

And when our soup arrived, it was always potato soup. You might find a little bit of carrot and onion, if you were lucky.

These little jokes are part of the experience of traveling. It’s the “you had to be there” element to the joke.

Soup of the Day doesn’t really look like a joke. There’s lots of grays and the landscape looks bleak. There are ruins of a building and an empty gray sea. Like the soups of the day offered in the restaurants, Soup of the Day fine art print is about enjoying the simple things and finding humor in even in the grays.

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