Ironweed | Fine Art Print


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Fine Art Inkjet Print | 0.40″ White Border | Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 100% Cotton Paper | 308 gsm |
Matte | Smooth Surface | Pigment Ink | Acid-and Lignen-Free |
Edition of 25 for each size | Unsigned | Unframed |

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Inspired by the 30,000 year old red dots and handprints found in Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in southeastern France, I created Ironweed inkjet print. This fine art print pays homage to the oldest handprints in Europe.

Dipping my fingers into ink, I pressed my inked fingerprints onto clear 35mm film. Then, I sandwiched the fingerprint film with an unexposed film roll into a film canister. With the two sandwiched films in the camera, I photographed a field of ironweed at Julien Price Park in the Appalachian Mountains.

Look closely at Ironweed black and white print and notice the intricate texture of the finger print. Notice how the cracking of the inkprint easily blends with the spiky leaves of the ironweed. Printed on cotton paper, Ironweed inkjet print offers beautiful tones and detail.


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