Letters From Brownsville

Here is the second letter from my mother as she volunteers with Team Brownsville to help care and feed the asylum seekers waiting for their court hearing. When their story moves you, please donate to help Team Brownsville at Go Fund Me. 

Priorities Are Different Here

Saturday Sept 21 and Sunday Morning

Another day of cooking, transporting and serving yesterday.  Some volunteers brought some kids shoes to give out – became a chaotic situation because folks patiently waited in line but there weren’t enough shoes – at least 1/3 of the kids that I have seen in the last 3 days have no shoes.  Last night as we were packing up after serving, one of the moms asked if she could have the box that we brought the snacks in – she needed a place for her baby to sleep.  Prior to this we were doing the classic “save the planet” liberal thing and bringing the boxes back to the recycle bin.  Priorities are different here.


This morning was “ Escuelita”- the Little School – Teachers come and do short storytelling and the kids get some books, some play the guitar and the kids sing.  We spent at least 30 minutes doing nothing but scooping infant formula into baggies for the infants -again not enough.   One special needs kid of about 2 is lactose intolerant so one of the leaders and I went into Matamoros to buy some special formula.  One little girl was having trouble breathing due to asthma – no medication of course – so another volunteer and leader went back into Matamoros to get her what she needed.  

All We Had

As we were leaving this morning, a father from  Honduras stopped us – his  wife in tears, their baby in a sling – hoping we were lawyers and could help them.  Hugs and water were all we had to offer.



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