Land, Folk, and Ruins


Ireland Travel Photographs

These experimental analog photographs are from the series Land, Folk and Ruins while traveling in Ireland.

Excerpts from my journal during my travels:

“Remember Joan who asked if I need help when I really did need help. I had just arrived in Malahide and was trying to find my way to the B&B. I had no clue where it was. She stopped and asked me if I needed help. She then drove to the B&B. I am still incredibly thankful for kind souls like Joan. . .

Woke early and was just finishing my exercises when my parents arrived. They were quite tired so I let them sleep and took the train into Dublin alone. On my way to John Gunn’s Camera Shop, I passed a shop where Leopold Bloom bought his Lemon Soap. . . John Gunn’s is a lovely camera shop. I could have spent long time in there but had to get back to Malahide. . .

We visited Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns. We stopped at the cafe to get the key but it was already checked out by a bus tour. The waitress said if we made it there in time we might get to go in the cairn while the tour group was still there. We hurried there. My niece and I hiked quickly up the hill and just made it in time. We had to wait a little while as the tour group went inside. When it was our chance, we entered the cairn with a few others.

Two people in our group brought a drum and a wooden flute. Inside, they played a trance-like melody. The music resonated in the small space. We were all absorbed in the experience. After the music, we talked about how serendipitous our meeting was. . . “