Ischian Holiday

Ischian Holiday is experimental photography series taken in Ischia di Castro during the summer of 2017.

The works are a visual discovery of a strange and beautiful medieval village from the perspective of a suburban tourist.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, where streets are as wide as rivers, cookie-cutter houses sit on green lawns separating one from another, and at least 3 cars are parked in each driveway.

Visiting a village, where the streets are narrow and curvy, the houses are built snug together into the fortification’s walls, cars are parked outside the fortification, I was in awe and in love.

My dreamy imagination floated down the paths and absorbed the aesthetic delicacy of the walls, doors, balconies, and pathways.

Here is an excerpt from my journal:

“It was very late when we arrived in Ischia di Castro, though the locals were still enjoying the cool night air in the square at the fortress’ entrance. We, Sandro, Devorah, Tineke, Jördis and I walked into the town. The houses were joined seamlessly. . .

In the morning we wandered through the village, spotting interesting sights, like a large snake skin coming out of a crack in the wall. Devorah drew pictures. Sandro shot photos. He led us around his village. He showed us ancient hermit caves. Two curious boys came over to chat with us and also to look into the caves. . .

The sky was overcast and the air, muggy. The girls sat on a stone slab overlooking the tree-lined ravine. We felt a serenity. We truly felt like we were on holiday.”