Choosing Your Art Print

You might wonder why I offer three variations of prints. Believe me, after entering in all the data for each variation of sizes and print types, totaling over 216, I asked myself the same question.

I offer my art as a UV Poster, Lightjet Print, and Fine Art Print because it gives you the chance to perfectly match the print image with your interior.

Always Wear Cotton Gloves When Handling Your Prints
A friendly reminder to always wear cotton gloves when handling your art print.

Each print type has distinct qualities making them better suited for certain interiors.

In this post, I will explain the differences between the three types of prints and suggest to you where each print type is best suited.

Holding UV Poster of Window In the Air

UV Poster

When you want a robust poster, choose the UV Poster. It has a protective coating making it resistant to temperature changes and splashes of water. 

The UV poster is printed with rich latex ink on a 135 gsm poster paper. 

UV Poster Thickness

It’s the perfect choice for private interiors like game rooms and kitchens, as well as public spaces, like yoga studios, therapy rooms, restaurants, vacation rentals, and hotels.  

The UV Poster comes in large sizes at affordable prices, so you can create a vibrant atmosphere at a reasonable price.

UV Poster Light Reflection

Lightjet Print

Often called a digital C Print, the Lightjet Print is printed on real photographic paper.  Using laser technology, the photo paper is exposed to laser light and then developed using traditional photographic chemicals.

Because it is a real photograph it offers amazing color range, revealing subtle color details.

Color Lightjet Print Reflection

The Lightjet Print is a perfect choice for when you desire authenticity and refinement. I recommend the Lightjet print for interiors spaces where you can truly appreciate its wide color gamut. 

When well taken care of, it will stay brilliant for 75 years.

Fine Art Print

When you want the best, the Fine Art Print is the way to go. It offers an unprecedented color depth and detail not found in the other print types. 

A standard for galleries, the Fine Art Print is printed with rich pigment inks on 100% cotton paper. 

The paper is acid-free and is archival quality. It has smooth matte finish and its thickness is 308 gsm.

Fine Art Print Thickness

To care for your Fine Art print, you can will need to ensure it is preserved well. I suggest taking the print to your local frame shop and having the framer museum mount the print. It will not only look amazing but it will also be protected.

This print is for your special spaces where you can truly relish it.

B&W Fine Art Print
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