Using in-camera multiple exposure methods to create painting like images, Figures as a Narrative is an analogue photograph taken in Germany, Ireland and the USA.

Drift Seed

I was born in Richmond, Virginia to parents from the Northeastern states. My ancestors immigrated to the US from Ireland, Scotland, and Germany in the 1800s. Though my parents are into genealogy and shared stories about our ancestors, I never really thought about my ancestors until I moved to Germany.

Synchronicity Through the Loupe

Creating Synchronicity

Do you wonder how I create synchronicity with art? In this post, I will share with you how I found synchronicity in a little Italian village.

My Lovely Pentax

Three Souvenirs

I want to share with you three souvenirs I returned with from my travels. These souvenirs are nonmaterial but valuable.

Catherine’s Story

My passion for analog photography began before I was born.  In the late 1940s my grandfather and grandmother met at a darkroom photography course.

Always Wear Cotton Gloves When Handling Your Prints

How to Care For Your Print

Don’t know how best to care for your print? Follow these easy steps to ensure your prints longevity.

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