Say Cheese!

My passion for analog photography began before I was born.  In the late 1940s my grandfather and grandmother met at a darkroom photography course. My grandfather had a darkroom in the basement of the house where my mother was raised. 

My father introduced me to analog photography when he gave me a film camera, his own Pentax K1000. ( I still use my father’s camera to create my art.)  I was fortunate to have a darkroom at my high school, so learned how to develop my own film and print my own photographs.

Catherine Experimenting with Color

For a brief time, I studied analog color photography at Bennington. While I was there, I came across Jack Kerouac’s Some of the Dharma. Reading Kerouac’s thoughts about spirituality, changed my life. I became fascinated with Eastern Religion and decided to major in it at Virginia Commonwealth University. Looking back, I see how events led up to my decision to study eastern religion. In studying religion, I was seeking meaning for my life and substance to my art. I sought meaning in Buddhism, Indian Philosophy, and Taoism, and in the writings of J. Krishnamurti, Thomas Merton, and Simone de Beauvoir.

During a meditation retreat in 2005, I intentionally exposed the iconic Kodachrome film multiple times. The results were so impressive that I decided to explore multiple exposure technique’s potential. Experimenting with multiple exposure, I discovered how to synchronize my art with my spirit. I found meaning in the least expected place, in my photography. 

I am an active member of two photography collectives, Stattlab e.V. and Foto Klub Kollektiv, where I develop my own film, color slide and black and white negative, and collaborate with other artists on interdisciplinary projects. I exhibit my photographs in group shows and in online magazines.

Catherine Bruce Taking a Photograph

I balance my love for traveling and photographing this beautiful earth with enjoying a quiet life in nature.