Catherine's Story

My passion for analogue photography began before I was born.  In the late 1940s my grandfather and grandmother met at a darkroom photography course. My grandfather had a darkroom in the basement of the house where my mother was raised. 

My father introduced me to analogue photography when he gave me a film camera, his own Pentax K1000. ( I still use my father’s camera to create my art.)  I was fortunate to have a darkroom at my high school, so learned how to develop my own film and print my own photographs. I carried my camera with me everywhere and photographed my life. 

Looking for My Purpose

When I graduated high school, I studied analogue color and black & white photography at Bennington. During my studies, I came across Jack Kerouac’s Some of the Dharma. Reading Kerouac’s thoughts about spirituality, changed my direction. Something in his writing called to me to find out what he was talking about. 

 I became fascinated with Eastern Religion and decided to leave Bennington and return to Richmond. I took time off from school, read books and worked as a picture framer in an art store.

Coincidentally, my local university offered an extensive Buddhism course so I re-enrolled in school and majored in it, and received a Bachelors in Eastern Religion.

I was seeking meaning for my life.

I sought meaning in Buddhism, Indian Philosophy, and Taoism, and in the writings of J. Krishnamurti, Thomas Merton, and Simone de Beauvoir. I was hungry for understanding and seeking value to my own life.

I learned about how others sought purpose and how they defined it. I tried to copy them, before I realized I needed to be my own person with a unique purpose.

Then something unexpected happened.

During this whole time, I was taking photographs on the side.

I kept accidentally double exposing film so I decided to intentionally multiply expose it and see what happens. I exposed a roll of the iconic Kodachrome film three times. 

I was so impressed with the results that I dove right in and began exploring its potential. In my experiments, I discovered how the film reacts to many exposures and how to create new kinds of photographs with film.

Since 14 years, I am creating new techniques and expanding the notion of analogue photography. 

Follow Joy

What was most unexpected for me was finding meaning in the least expected place, in my photography. By accepting what brings me joy, surrendering and devoting my life to it, I discovered my purpose.

Photography is my lifelong passion and it brings me incredible joy.  I am very grateful to be doing what I love and to share it with you. 

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