Valltorta shows two deer leaping from an arrow. The cave paintings of Valltorta inspired me to create this analogue photograph.

Inspired by the cave paintings of Valltorta in Valencia, I rendered their likeness onto 35mm film. I used a sharpie to draw the image. Then I combined the drawn with unexposed film and took a photograph. I shot this image on Agfa color slide film using in-camera multiple exposure methods. What you see is exactly on the film frame. I shot Valltorta in Berlin, Germany in 2018.

Go paleolithic with Valltorta. This film image shows a sharpie drawing of two deer fleeing arrows. Observe the cracked texture of the sharpie ink. The deer leap across a hazy background of sienna and goldenrod colors.

The 10,000 year old paintings found in Cavalls de Valltorta, Valencia, Spain inspired me to create Valltorta inkjet print. The cave paintings show hunters hunting deer. I studied the paintings and then redrew them onto clear 35mm film. Combining the drawn film with an unexposed roll into a film canister, I loaded it into a Pentax K1000. Then, I photographed the streets of Berlin, Germany.

What you see in Valltorta originally appeared on 35mm film. All the effects happened in the film camera and on 35mm film.

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