Leaping Fine Art Print

Leaping inkjet print is has many layers of drawing and photographs, all created on one film frame. When you first look Leaping black and white print, you see a drawing of a deer leaping across the frame. Looking closer, you notice that the deer is made of intricately drawn lines. The deer jumps across a  stucco wall.

Here is what one collector has to say about Leaping fine art print:

When I look at this picture, I feel like a hunter waking up to the rising sun. The cave painting of the deer connects me to the timeless expanse of human history. It’s like dreams overlapping and the whole of time blending into one image. It reminds me of the grandness of history. The picture evokes inner reflection of my place in the whole of time and conveys the message ‘all is one’.

J.H. Berlin, Germany
Inspired by 10,000 paintings of Cavalls de Valltorta in Valencia, Spain, I reinterpreted them and incorporated them into Leaping and Valltorta fine art prints using completely analogue methods.

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