Catherine Bruce

Catherine Bruce

For the last two decades, I have been shooting 35mm negative/transparency film, in color and black & white. While still in high school, I studied darkroom photography for two years until graduation. I also worked in a movie theater where I got to know quite some interesting folks, like the artist, Gene Wyrick who took me under his wing and exposed me to Richmond’s art scene.

At Bennington college, my studies were short but influential. From 1999 to 2001, I studied under photographers, Maxine Henryson and James B. Abbott; artists, Tony Caruthers and Barry Bartlett; and the poet Mary Oliver.

I returned to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia and worked full-time in an art supply store as a store clerk, stocking the shelves and learning about art materials and their applications. There, I soon trained as the assistant picture framer under the supervision of the painter, Chet Naylor. Chet inspired the philosopher in me. I worked there until 2005, in parallel with my academic studies.

In 2002, I began studying eastern philosophy under some amazing teachers, Dr. Cliff Edwards, a Buddhism and Van Gogh scholar, of Virginia Commonwealth University; and artist and philosopher, Richard Waxberg of the Krishnamurti Foundation; which lead me to study under musician and taiji master, Dr. Sean Marshall of Jung Tao School; and then with the painter Raymond Chorneau. Raymond encouraged me to refine my vision and to think more about the creative exploration.

During these times, I continued to shoot film, experimenting and exploring the medium. My works reflect my mission to push the boundaries of photography. I seek to blend the creative processes of painting and photography.

Following this winding path, I began to take my drawing and painting more serious, so I taught myself observational drawing by visually studying the classical sculptures, ornate couches, and indigenous masks at the Yale Art galleries and from my daily life, as well as, from my imagination and dreams. Learning to draw from observation and my imagination, helped tune my visual senses further.

Since 2016, I have lived in Berlin, Germany and photographed the city and other European countries. I am a member of two artist clubs – the screenprinting and darkroom club, Stattlab e.V.; and the Foto Klub Kollektiv.

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