Seeking Synchronicity

Catherine At the Poulnabrone Dolmen

35mm film is my canvas; a Pentax K1000, my brush; this wild world, my muse.

Fascinated by synchronous moments,

I create them on film. Using a Pentax K1000, I combine exposure layers and drawings in the camera and onto film.

Since I photograph with analogue material and equipment, I don’t get to see how the images will look until I develop the film.

You might think me crazy, but I actually do this on purpose because I want to create art from feeling instead of from my head.

It makes me trust that I am taking the right image for the right frame.

I have to listen to my intuition, to stay open to the unexpected, and most importantly to play.

When I do, the results are magical.

Even after 14 years, I am still amazed when I discover synchronicity in my photographs. 

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