Seeking Synchronicity

Do you cherish the days when you are in perfect harmony with the world? It’s like everything is working in your favor. You’re on top of the world.

It certainly would be nice to have every day be a day when the universe positively reaffirms our actions and thoughts with encouraging signs. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust that the universe supports us. Creating supportive environments help us keep our faith.

Catherine Bruce Taking a Photograph

In my experiments with multiple exposure techniques, I learn a lot about trusting in my creative process. While on location, I combine many images onto film without being able to see the result until I develop the film.

Shooting photographs this way teaches me to listen to my intuition, to stay open to the unexpected, and most importantly, to play. When I do, the results are magical. Even after 14 years of taking photographs in this way, I am still amazed when I discover synchronicity in my photographs.

Let my photographs encourage you to trust in your process.

Through The Looking Glass Print
Catherine Sailing

About Me & My Art

My passion for analog photography began before I was born.  In the late 1940s my grandfather and grandmother met at a darkroom photography course.

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Holding UV Poster of Window In the Air

Choosing Your Art Print

When choosing your print, it’s good to know which kind of print is best for you. In this post, I will explain the differences between the three types of prints and suggest to you what interiors go best with which print.

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