Catherine At the Poulnabrone Dolmen

Fascinated by synchronous moments

I capture them on film. With the Pentax K1000 my father gave me 25 years ago, I photograph multiple exposures in the camera and on 35mm film.

Instead of using digital cameras, I use analogue cameras, because it allows me to pay attention to nuisances of light, color and form. Using a film camera, I observe my environment better. Instead of looking to see how the image came out on a digital camera screen, I visualize how one exposure layer will combine with the others.

Waiting For Magic

Photographing with 35mm film, I don’t get to see how the images will look until I develop the film. Sometimes it is months before I see it. The photograph doesn’t always work out the way I imagine.

I love the suspense of waiting and the surprise of finally seeing the result of my work. Seeing the developed film image for the first time after months of not knowing, I feel like a discoverer glimpsing into the mysterious synchronicity of the universe!

Analogue Meets Digital

The photographs in my shop are high definition scans of the actual 35mm film frames. I compose the image on a tiny 36mm x 24mm film frame in the camera and scan the frame at 7250 pixels per inch. 

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