Catherine At the Poulnabrone Dolmen

Fascinated by synchronous moments

I capture them on film. With the Pentax K1000 my father gave me 25 years ago, I photograph multiple exposures in the camera and on 35mm film.

I use an analogue camera, because it makes me stay present in the moment and to visualize how one exposure layer will combine with the others.

Waiting For Magic

Photographing with 35mm film, I don’t get to see how the images will look until I develop the film. Sometimes it is months before I see it. The photograph doesn’t always work out the way I imagine.

I love the suspense of waiting and the surprise of finally seeing the result of my work. Seeing the developed film image for the first time after months of not knowing, I feel like a discoverer glimpsing into the mysterious synchronicity of the universe!

Stay Connected

I’m working on an exciting project where I’m digitally painting my photographs. When I finish a painting, I will share it with my subscribers. If you are interested in keeping up with my progress and seeing the work as I finish it, then definitely sign up to my newsletter. Rest assured, I only send out a handful of emails a year. 

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