Catherine At the Poulnabrone Dolmen

Fascinated by synchronous moments

I capture them on film. With the Pentax K1000 my father gave me 25 years ago, I photograph multiple exposures in the camera and on 35mm film.

Instead of using digital cameras, I use analogue cameras, because it allows me to pay attention to nuisances of light, color and form. Using a film camera, I observe my environment better. Instead of looking to see how the image came out on a digital camera screen, I visualize how one exposure layer will combine with the others.

Waiting For Magic

Photographing with 35mm film, I don’t get to see how the images will look until I develop the film. Sometimes it is months before I see it. The photograph doesn’t always work out the way I imagine.

I love the suspense of waiting and the surprise of finally seeing the result of my work. Seeing the developed film image for the first time after months of not knowing, I feel like a discoverer glimpsing into the mysterious synchronicity of the universe. 

Analogue Meets Digital

The photographs in my shop are high definition scans of the actual 35mm film frames. I compose the image on a tiny 36mm x 24mm film frame in the camera and scan the frame at 7250 pixels per inch. The prints are exact reproductions of the film frame images. 

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Window in the Air in Apartment

“I hanged the Window in the Air over my couch where I directly see the photograph when I’m entering the room. I love the interplay of dynamic and tranquillity in this photograph.” 

Blog Posts

Using in-camera multiple exposure methods to create painting like images, Figures as a Narrative is an analogue photograph taken in Germany, Ireland and the USA.

Drift Seed

I was born in Richmond, Virginia to parents from the Northeastern states. My ancestors immigrated to the US from Ireland, Scotland, and Germany in the 1800s. Though my parents are into genealogy and shared stories about our ancestors, I never really thought about my ancestors until I moved to Germany.

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Catherine’s Story

My passion for analog photography began before I was born.  In the late 1940s my grandfather and grandmother met at a darkroom photography course.

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My Lovely Pentax

Three Souvenirs

I want to share with you three souvenirs I returned with from my travels. These souvenirs are nonmaterial but valuable.

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