Catherine Bruce is an experimental analog photographer living in Berlin. She creates surreal and abstract photographs using Black and White negative film and Color Slide film. Her work involves in camera effects and other analog techiniques.



For the last 15 years, I have been fascinated by layering many exposures together, in the camera, to create new interactions of negative and positive spaces, colors, forms, lights and darks on 35mm film.

When I aim my camera, I get in the zone like a painter with a brush. I am composing the image frame as I explore and interact with my environment. Though I have guidelines I follow for each project, I welcome the surprise elements. Photography, because of this, is a rich process of discovery for me.

I play with the photographic medium –  expose the film multiple times, layer film, and draw on the film – because I see this as the best way for me to express our humanness. I see the human relationship with the world as a complex web, steeped with memories, contextual information, and emotional undertones. My work explores the moments when our feelings blend with our perceptions allowing us to grasp our inter-connectedness.